Motorcycle Servicing

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Belle Vue Motorcycle Servicing

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Do you want to protect your pride and joy from the elements this year?

If so then come to Belle Vue Motors on Saturday 7th February and get your bike treated by All Year Biker, whether you use your bike all year round or not for only £59.75 the treatment they offer will help ensure your bike looks the best it can be and will be protected from corrosion.

The event will be weather permitting and there are a limited amount of spaces so please make sure you book.

For more info and to place a booking please click [here].

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]Here at Belle Vue Motorcycles, we believe our commitment to our customers doesn’t stop with just selling motorcycles. We know that looking after your motorcycle is as, if not more important than the initial purchase.

Keeping your bike regularly maintained and in tip top condition obviously improves reliability and of course, the resale value. In our purpose built workshop, your investment will be maintained to the highest standard by our trained & very experienced technicians using the latest technology and specialist equipment.

Each bike is subject to our vigorous quality control procedure to make sure you are receiving the highest standard of workmanship that we set ourselves.

Belle Vue Motorcycles are insurance approved for most of the major insurance houses so we also cater for estimates and repairs.

Our service department has the full back up of a very comprehensively stocked parts department. We carry most service items on the shelf and if the part you require is not from stock, then our experienced staff are on hand to make sure you get what you want with the minimum of delay.

We believe that good reputations are hard to establish but easy to lose. With that in mind, we are very aware that we are only as good as our last satisfied customer and go the extra mile to ensure your experience will be a pleasant one.

Telephone our friendly service team with your bike details and we will give you an estimated cost for service or repairs to your bike.

Belle-Vue-Motorbikes-inspecting_a_used_bike_engineHere are a few examples:

  • 50cc Bikes & Scooter Servicing from £70 including service items & VAT
  • 125cc Bikes & Scooter Servicing from £85 including service items & VAT
  • 600cc Bike Servicing from £120 including service items & VAT
  • 1,000cc upwards Bike Servicing from £135 including service items & VAT

For all your servicing and MoT requirements please contact us, or book online below and one of our staff members will contact you to confirm your appointment.

Want to make sure your bike is in A1 service condition? Why not take advantage of our FREE HEALTH CHECK.

Our technicians value safety above all else, so why not let them keep you safe with a Free Bike Health Check this season. You can bring any bike to Belle Vue and we’ll give it the once over for free.

No obligation or gimmicks. Just a good, sensible, free offer.

Click [here] to see a sample Health Check Form.